Office Cleaning- To Do List

office cleaning
Office Cleaning
Many times I had come across the guys starting a cleaning business asking for tips and suggestions about different cleaning business. For all of them I am providing some basic office cleaning to do list. These are the basic things which we have to do while cleaning an office. It may differ from office to office. Have a look at it. These are:

  1. The first thing you should do is to vacuum whole office. It includes all the rooms and other areas of office.
  2. Then dust the cobwebs from every part of office. This may include different corners along with under tables.
  3. Then dust skirting, chairs, computer screens, keyboards and other things.
  4. Then wipe the office with any disinfectant recommended by your company.
  5. The next thing is to clean toilets and kitchen. Disinfect the toilets and washbasins. If you are allotted the work of managing the kitchen then you may have to clean the cupboards and place them at right place.
  6. Do proper cleaning of glass and windows as they are very important part of office. Polish the banister railings as them loose their shine with time. And regular polishing is important.  
  7. Empty the bins and dispose the waste at proper place.
These are few basic steps which we have to follow while office cleaning but it also depends upon the office and its environment and the time at which you are doing the cleaning as it should not disturb the staff. So prefer to do cleaning before office hours. You can also have a talk with the owner to know which time best suits him.